There are times when you would give anything to undo the past; you'd love to be able to lock all your exes in a cupboard and throw away the key; you'd love to be able to say you never spent a whole summer when you couldn’t take your eyes off this person, or when you were head over heels in love with that one.
Well, unfortunately, you did. Is there a plan B?
Is there a way to look into his eyes and say, "Before you? No, love, no one important; I only went on a few dates, we were just friends, nothing special..."
We've got just what you need! There is a perfume that will make you believe that the present is all that matters, so much so that you will forget your past altogether.
Just a generous spray of Aujourd’hui and the spell is complete. If they're going to start digging into your past, they won't find anything. Et voilà!

Top notes: Carnation, 
Bergamot orange
Middle notes: Provence rose absolute, 
West Indian jasmine, 
Base notes: Iranian galbanum, 
Haitian vetiver, 
Madagascan vanilla